For Parents

I understand that there's not much scarier for parents than sending your children across the planet without you. Both our EF travel partner and I take safety seriously. (I have never once lost a child overseas!)

  • 24/7 Tour Director

We will have a tour director who will meet us at the airport when we arrive and will stay with us until we leave. (S)he will know the lay of the land for where we are going and what possible obstacles we'll encounter.

  • Chaperones

Adults will accompany your kids throughout the trip.

  • 24-hour emergency on-call service

Because EF is a world-wide company, they have people to help at any time. They found a single teenager - whose cell phone had died - in Disney World within ten minutes of a parent phone call.

  • Peace of Mind policy

With workers in every tour country, EF has its finger on the pulse of local events. In the rare event that something isn't safe due to changing world conditions (or even if it just isn't going to work out - weather, labor issues, etc.), they can shift to an alternate itinerary in an instant.

EF's Parent Ambassador Program can put you in touch with other parents who've already sent their children on a trip. They can answer any questions you might have from that point of view.

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The image to the left is a link to EF's Parent Guide, a sort of FAQ for student travel.