Why Travel?

Airfare and on-tour transportation

Round-trip flights on major carriers and all on-tour transportation

Hotel accommodations

Home away from home in quality hotels that must meet our high standards for quality, safety, and cleanliness

Regional-style meals

Enjoy local cuisine at breakfast and dinner for a more immersive cultural experience

Guided tours, activities, and entries

Experience everything the destination has to offer with educational, insightful, and hands-on learning experiences tailored to your students’ curriculum

Full-time professional Tour Director

The best part of every tour, your Tour Director is full of cultural insights only a local could know and is your group’s constant companion

Expert local guides

Your topic- and location-specific guides share their deep knowledge on cultural and historical touchstones.

Personalized support from your Tour Consultant

This educational travel expert is dedicated to the growth of your students, working hand in hand with schools to pick the perfect tour and iron out every detail right up until departure

24-hour emergency service

Our Emergency Service & Support Team are available to answer your call around the clock in our European and North American offices

Worldwide presence

With EF personnel embedded in every country we travel to, a helping hand is always nearby to provide information only locals would know

Peace of Mind Program

Automatic coverage that provides flexibility to change travel dates, destination, or itinerary up to 45 days before departure

Safety precautions and procedures

Our priority is keeping students safe, including steps such as 24/7 response teams in our European and North American offices, background checks, on-site quality control, and more

Traveler support and resources

This team will walk parents through the what-ifs and how-tos of any topic, including things like payment plans and insurance inquires

Tour donation page

Available to every traveler, this easy-to-share page makes it simple for friends and family to contribute a little something that’s automatically applied to the balance of your tour.

High school and college credit opportunities

In addition to the intangible benefits of travel that last forever, you can earn actual credits for transcripts and gain the confidence that comes along with them

College essay help

Receive guidance on turning your lifechanging trip into inspiration for essays and college applications

Travel gear

For style and safety, ever traveler gets a complimentary EF backpack and emergency wristband to wear on tour